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Who We Are

Visiting Nurse Services (VNS) enable your patients to stay at home and receive nursing care under the guidance and direction of the Medical Provider.


Visiting Nurse Services are available to anyone, regardless of age. To be eligible for reimbursement, there must be a medical need and it must be a taxing effort for the patient to leave home.


Paying for Care

Douglas Rural Health Clinic's Visiting Nurse Services are Medicare certified; a nonprofit agency licensed by the state. Medicare, Medicaid, and many other private insurance companies now cover this service. For your convenience, we bill the insurance company directly.


Requesting Services

You will need to submit a Referral Packet containing:


  • Demographic Sheet

  • Progress Note

  • D/C Summary

  • Other pertinent documentation


Home Care Team

All Visiting Nurse patients have a medical treatment plan developed by one of our Providers. The patient's primary Provider thus remains able to manage the patient's health needs.

Care Services Offered

  • Skilled Nursing Services

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Medicine


Fax: 520-432-8092

Phone: 520-432-7450


100 E. Fifth St., Douglas, AZ 85607

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