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Copper Valley Home Health (CVHH) is a full-service home health agency operating as a division of Copper Queen Community Hospital. CVHH provides daily nursing care for patients in their home from 8:30AM – 5:00PM and 24-hour on-call support. CVHH provides patients with Emergency Response System monitors for additional comfort and security for patients who live alone, or may not be able to reach a phone in the case of an emergency.

The services provided range in scope to help patients manage a chronic disease or cope with more serious illnesses from the comfort of their own home. For example, the skilled nurses can provide help with wound care, heart and lung diseases, diabetes, and medication regimes. CVHH can also provide in-home rehabilitation services to help patients recover safely from strokes, fractures, and other traumas.

Depending on the patient needs, some patients can receive home health care through Telemonitoring services. These services can electronically measure health indicators such as blood pressure, oxygen levels, and glucose levels to name a few. For more information, please visit the TeleMedicine services page.

CVHH does not provide personal care services such as bathing, dressing or homemaking except as authorized by Medicare or private insurance.



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QuickCare Hours:

Mon: 10AM-7PM

Regular Clinic Hours:

Tues-Fri: 8AM-5PM


10524 East Hwy 92