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At Copper Queen Community Hospital, it is our MISSION to maintain and support access to basic primary healthcare throughout southern Cochise County by excelling in leadership, vision, and service delivery to address opportunities and challenges to healthcare. It is the VISION of Copper Queen Community Hospital to help create a healthier community.


We take seriously our responsibility to care for all, and we are proud to play a significant role in contributing to the health of our community.


As part of this commitment, we support community organizations and partners that can help us extend healthcare services and education to those outside our walls. To make the best use of our resources as a not-for-profit, we focus our support on organizations that can make the largest impact on our community’s health needs.


Sponsorship Criteria


If you meet one or more of the criteria below, we invite you to submit a form detailing your sponsorship request. You must complete your request at least 8 weeks before your event.


We consider sponsorship of programs and events that:


  • Align to Copper Queen Community Hospital’s mission and vision 

  • Focus on the geographic areas that Copper Queen Community Hospital and Clinics serve or areas of anticipated growth

  • Benefit the health and wellness of the community and/or encourage healthy lifestyles

  • Impact identified community health needs and aim to reduce health disparities, specifically related to obesity, smoking cessation, access to care, mental health and social economics

  • Offer the opportunity for meaningful community engagement through communication or health education

  • Educational



Sponsorship Request Form


Because we are only able to accept one sponsorship request per organization, per year, we ask that you include the complete opportunity your organization would like us to consider. Please note that Copper Queen Community Hospital is not able to match personal contributions given by teammates to organizations.



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QuickCare Hours:

Mon: 10AM-7PM

Regular Clinic Hours:

Tues-Fri: 8AM-5PM


10524 East Hwy 92

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